I graduated in the Netherlands at the AKI, Art Institute of Visual Arts 2012 in the major of Photography and Media Art.

In 2011, I went on an exchange program to Boston Massart, where I attended the graduating class of Matt Connors, as well as the courses Photobook and Home Picture by Sam Contis and the 20x24 inch Polaroid class by Y. Kaytaro.

After that I went to the ECAL in Lausanne for a Master in Art Direction.


My photographic work concentrates on the transition from the innermost wishes to the collective dream and conversely, from the infinitely small to the infinitely big.

It deals with the question : Where lies the line in between true reality and a false opposed media-influenced Utopia?

"A borrowed camera and a borrowed eye
from my grandfather lent me sight
hidden faces are the roles that never lie
the world is the stage exposed in light"

W O R K  /  A B O U T  /  P R E S S  /  C O N T A C T

Alleinflug  /  All The World Is A Stage  Astroselfie  /  Cosmic Dream  Drag Queens  /  Dreamer  Fashion  /  Kopfüber  Marokko  /  Petit Prince  /  Rolling Stone  /  Space Generation  /  Star City  Star Photograms  /  Zimmermädchen


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