Deux Talents En Osmose

Article about my photography and working with my sister Vicky
Written by Michel Schroeder

Zeitung vum Lëtzebuerger Vollek (article) ➞


In Between Us

Photography exhibition at Centre d'art Nei Liicht (25.11.2023-21.01.2024) 

Dudelange, Luxembourg

RTL - De Journal (video & article) ➞

Exhibition details ➞


Aux Antipodes

Article about my In Between Us exhibition at Centre d'art Nei Liicht
Written by Marianne Brausch

Land - Feuilleton (article) ➞


Face B with Anna Krieps

Meeting the artist and the music that inspires her work

Interview with Jérôme Didelot

RTL - Face B (video & article) ➞



Web format introducing Luxembourgish creatives

Portrait & Interview

RTL - Artbox (video) ➞


Visage(s) d'Europe

EUNIC Paris young photographers exhibition

Paris, France

Artist presentation (video) ➞


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